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We have designed and built reliable, cost-effective, no-nonsense automation and tooling for over 20 years.  We are at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge automation technology.  Whether you are are shopping for a fully automated assembly system, lean manufacturing cell,  or automated test system, we are the experts you need. 

Shamrock can also integrate part testing and part marking into any machine we build such as component performance testing, functional testing, conformance testing, destructive testing, dimensional testing, leak and flow testing, and more.

Equipment for Component Testing:

●Functional Test Systems

●Leak Testing

●Dimensional Test Systems



●Part/Serial Number Tracking

David Dunn is the founder of Shamrock Engineering, Inc. and has over 25 years of experience in the machine building industry. He is a detail oriented individual utilizing strong technical skills and proven management skills, which has contributed to increased quality, productivity and profitability for any company he has worked with. His experience includes designer, engineering manager, shop manager and conception and procurement of tooling and capital equipment.
While purchasing automated equipment for a major corporation, David discovered a shortage of reputable companies to handle projects under $150K. Most of these companies had enormous overhead and facilities and were not capable of being profitable on projects less than $100K. The smaller companies could not supply the quality and perform the needed amount of work required in a timely fashion.

In March of 1998, after talking with family, friends and colleagues David decided to start Shamrock Engineering, Inc. as an equipment and manufacturing specialist, designing and building customized machines and equipment for many different industries, such as consumer products, automotive, medical, defense and green energy.

Shamrock has expertise in the following: Lean Manufacturing Cells, Flexible & Scalable Assembly Automation, Synchronous Assembly Systems, Non-synchronous Assembly Systems, Modular Systems, Test Systems, Vision Inspection, Vision Guidance, Robotic Integration, Measurement Systems, Welding Systems, Material Handling Systems, Part Feeding, Data Collection & Traceability.

Shamrock Engineering has the dedicated personal to service you. We are backed by a complete staff of qualified engineers and skilled tradesmen. Shamrock Engineering continues to position itself to be profitable on smaller projects by keeping overhead costs to a minimum. Our target market area consists of AL, IN, IL, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, OH, TN & WI. We have placed equipment throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and other overseas markets.

Modular Assembly Systems - Shamrock creates construction assembly cells designed to meet specific production requirements, decrease cycle times, increase operator ergonomics and optimize manpower:

●Single Station

●Complete lean manufacturing cells

Assembly Solutions from stand alone operator assist stations to fully automated assembly lines:

●Sonic Welding
●Clip Installation
●Adhesive Dispensing
●MIG and Resistance Welding
●Induction Heating
●Vision Guided Robotics
●Vision Inspection/Verification Systems
●Leak Testing
●Force/Distance Monitoring
●Press Tending
●Screw and Nut Driving Systems
●Vibratory Part Orienting Feeding Systems