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  • Flexible Automation
  • Modular Systems
  • Test Systems
  • Vision Inspection
  • Vision Guidance
  • Robotic Integration
  • Welding Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • And so much more

This robotic cell manipulates several laminations of large metal fan blades to position them for drilling and deburring.  Upon completion, the robot unloads the laminations to an off-load conveyor.


Vision-Guided Robotic Assembly Cell


  • Design
  • Controls
  • Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Spare Parts

Fan Blade Laminate Robotic Drilling Cell

  • Consultation, mechanical design, controls engineering, fabrication and assembly, debug and installation, service and support
  • Tooling fixtures, bench-top assembly stations, lean workstations, fully automated assembly machines and palletized assembly lines
  • Experience with vision-guided robotics, automatic screw driving, resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, riveting, laser marking, electrical testing, leak testing and more
  • Helping you work more efficiently, reliability and profitably

Specializing in Automated Assembly Equipment and Test Systems

A pair of feeders feed and orient two of the components making up an automotive door lock.  A vision system recognizes proper orientation and guides a SCARA robot with dual grippers to pick up the parts.  After passing the parts over a grease dispensing brush, the robot places them on a pallet for later assembly.